Your Easy Black Friday Hair Tutorial Is Here

Happy week, gang! The holiday season is finally upon us, which means it’s time to eat lots of yummy things, drink lots of yummy things, and, of course, shop a little (did we mention our Black Friday sale is happening NOW?). For those of you waking up at the crack of dawn this Black Friday, we’ve got a no-fuss hairdo to help get you get out the door fast and still greet the crowds feeling glam. Now that’s a hairstyle we can get behind.


Step One: Dry Shampoo

Wake up second-day strands with a couple spritzes of your favorite dry shampoo. Apply it at the roots, around your crown, and behind your ears, but avoid spraying any on your ends.


Step Two: Curl

If you’re working with day-two or -three hair, your curl will actually hold much better. Don’t spend too much time doing this, just take one-to-two-inch sections of hair and curl.


Step Three: Add Serum

Your ends could probably use some TLC after curling. Apply a couple drops of your favorite hair serum to your hands, rub your hands together, and then run your fingers through your hair. Break up the curls a little bit, and don’t worry too much about the details.



Step Four: Accessorize

The trick to making it look like you put a ton of effort into your hair when you really only spent five minutes in front of the mirror is to throw on an accessory. I twisted a small section of hair from the side and pinned it up and back a little bit with the leaves of Loveliness Hair Pin. I then took the other pin in the set and pinned it just underneath, staggering it a little bit to add dimension. And that’s it!


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