What your favourite sport says about you?

Swimmers are tidy and make the best lovers while cyclists vote Liberal Democrat: What your favourite sport says about you?

Unless your name is Rebecca Adlington, Victoria Pendleton or Mo Farah, sport is probably nothing more than an enjoyable hobby.

Now a new study has revealed that your choice of sport says more about you than you could possibly have imagined.

According researchers, cyclists are more likely to be emotionallystable, runners the most extrovert and swimmers the happiest, while walkers are the least materialistic.

The psychological study, which was carried out by experts Mindlab, also revealed that sport can also offer clues to a person’s attitude to charity, reading habits and even their voting intentions.

Cyclists, for instance, are most likely to vote Liberal Democrat and tend to be laid back and calm, if keen on acquiring material possessions.

Meanwhile runners tend to be Labour-voting extroverts who love being the centre of attention and have a penchant for upbeat dance music.

Those who swim tend to make the best lovers, are tidy and are also the most charitable, although according to Mindlab, 61 per cent of adults are fond of charity regardless of their choice of sport.

Walkers, a category that includes those who enjoy rambling, orienteering and trekking, are least concerned about material possessions and like their own company.

‘It has long been known that exercise is not only good for your body, but also your mind,’ comments neuropsychologist, Dr David Lewis.

‘Past research has shown that exercising can act as a mood-enhancer, can be used to treat and possibly even prevent anxiety and generally has a positive effect on mental health.

‘The results from this study show that no matter what kind of person you are, there is the right kind of exercise for everyone.’

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