The secret hair damage you could be doing in winter

This is what the season does to your hair.

Adjusting skin care routines for the period of the year that is dry, cold and characterized by

unpredictable weather is standard practice for many, but maybe not so much for hair. With a little bit

of special attention and a few logical changes, we can save ourselves from unnecessary hair issues.

Dry and Warm

In cold weather our hair can take longer to dry. Make the time to allow it to properly dry out before we turn hot tools on it like straighteners and curling wands. Doing this on wet hair can severely damage the strand as water makes your hair more elastic and vulnerable to damage. The inner structure can be weakened by the hot steam that comes from the water in your hair heating up.

Wait until our hair is around 70 percent dry before turning a hair dryer or hot tool on it. If you hear a sizzle when the plate of our straightener comes into contact with our hair, put it down and try to wait it out.

Wash Cycle

Colder, less humid days means your hair produces less oil. This means we shouldn’t need to wash it as frequently as in summer. If we continue to wash our hair as often, natural oils will be stripped away and your hair will dry out. Make a conscious seasonal adjustment to combat this.

Under Wraps

If our go-to style is having hair out, reconsider. Dry winter air combined with heaters and wind will suck moisture out of our hair. Consider styles that will keep hair contained like low buns, braids and plaits.

Winter Fuzzies

Frizz might be something we associate with the humid summer months but if you’re not careful we could be creating frizzy fluffy hair yourself. Stepping out of the shower and immediately wanting to be warm and dry might tempt us to give our hair a rough once-over with the towel. Instead pat it dry then wrap our hair up with the towel and gently squeeze it over the wet hair.

Coat Hair

It’s a thing. Ever taken our coat, scarf or jumper on and off throughout the day and ended up with a knotted mess at the back of you hair? You’ve been experiencing coat hair. Knots will rough up the hair cuticle, making it even rougher and frizzier. Anti-static sprays will deal with this and many are formulated to condition the hair at the same time (hopefully preventing it from happening again).

Heavy Duty

A moisture injection from a mask or treatment can be exactly what hair needs in winter but be wary of overdoing it. Hair that is overloaded with product will become seriously lackluster so think about using a hair cleanser. Look for products with the word ‘clarifying’ in the name. They’re made to lift residual buildup from our strands, giving our hair a reboot and a fresh base to look after.

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