The most luxurious design for children’s room

The magic kingdom: This room was created for a little girl who was fascinated with fairies and wanted a room to be designed based on her love for them. An enchanting room was created with a custom-made castle bed with hidden storage for her dolls. She was two at the time.


Two years later: The designer created a room that was timeless and elegant for the girl to grow into. When the girl was four it was re-designed once again. Portions of the castle were removed and she was given a full size bed and two large, molded, fiberglass trees outfitted with twinkle lights were installed.


Pink is the color: The room itself has all custom-made furniture and hand-painted murals with shimmery details and Swarovski crystals. Other parts and areas of the room were custom-made as well, such as the door to the room, her bathroom, and her closet.


Who needs Disney World? Specialized interior designers are catering to would-be royalty with increasingly elaborate fantasy rooms for kids.


Princesses only! The entrance to a princess bedroom in Virginia designed by Dahlia Mahmood of Dahlia Designs. The budget for the 2-year-old’s room was $200,000.


Fit for a four-year-old! This little girl loved ballerinas, everything in her room was custom made, from her tufted door with swarovski crystal buttons, custom bedding, light fixtures, and custom made couture drapery. ‘Simple, elegant and glamorous’, said the designer.


Disney dream: The inspirations for the design of our children’s rooms stem from Dahlia Mahmood’s childhood. Being born and raised in California, she regularly visited Disneyland and was awed by how magical the amusement park was. She wanted to do something similar.


Under the sea: Inside this playroom rubber flooring was used to mimic the ocean floor. The TV comes out of the treasure box. All toys can be stored inside cabinet with Coral facade. Sea shell influences were used to design the seating which is made out of fiberglass.


Treasure: The concept was to design an under water world, in the entrance to the playroom, there is a bench where kids can read their books, made to look like a submarine.


Chocks away! This little boy traveled the world at a young age, fascinated with planes, a room was created that had realistic features.


Flying high: Enjoying the spoils are interior designers who specialize in decorating kids’ ultimate bedrooms.


At the controls: Just think of the fun that could be had in this cockpit-inspired bed!


Travelling light today: The bathroom has hand painted stamps murals with names of countries the little boy had visited.


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