Sugar Rush Alert: This Amazing Technology Could Make Sweets Way Healthier

I have a bit of a sweet tooth. Okay, understatement of the century: I have a raging sweet tooth. I’m the kind of girl who would have dessert after every meal if she could, and yes, that includes breakfast. (Umm, leftover brownies are PERF post-omelette. As they are after pretty much any meal ever.) Of course, a diet high in sugar isn’t exactly the healthiest in the world, which is why this news is so amazing. A company has just found a way to cut sugar content without changing the taste of your fave sweets, and it’s totally life-changing for dessert lovers.

Startup company DouxMatok is the brains behind this operation, and it’s pretty genius. According to Fast Company, DouxMatok’s product works by “coating tiny food-safe particles with natural sugar like sucrose or glucose,” which “can trick the sweetness receptors on your tongue into thinking you’re eating a full serving [of sugar.]” That means you can cut your sugar intake while eating sweets and not have to deal with potential side effects of artificial sugars. That’s a ridiculous win-win.

The plans for this sweet new technology include adding it to sodas, candy, and cake, which means your fave foods and drinks could get instantly healthier without you swapping out for lower sugar options. So far no word on when this technology will make its way into the consumer sphere, but the second it does, I’m totally stocking up on these lower-sugar options.

In the meantime, I’ll try to cut out processed sugar the old fashion way: fruit plates and self-control. Sigh.

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