Reaction GIFs That Work Overtime

We love versatile styles — pieces that can pull their weight during the work week and fit in flawlessly on a night out with friends. And the same goes for GIFs. These little looping images are the perfect way to add panache to an email or text thread, but what if you don’t want to sweat the storage space to save a gazillion GIFs for every occasion? Focus on ones that do double duty! We found GIFs to suit some familiar work and play scenarios — check ‘em out, and share your fave reaction GIFs (and the moments they capture) in the comments below!

When you’re leaving for lunch, and your song comes on in the elevator.
When you’re about to leave the party, but your song comes up on the playlist.

When your coworker assures you that the big meeting won’t be scheduled for Friday at 5.
When your friends swear this new Thai place lives up to the Yelp hype.

When all your company’s offices call into a meeting, and the video conferencing software works perfectly on the first try.
When the work day ends, and the group text begins.

When you get kudos for the project you worked on in front of every executive ever.
When the guest of honor gives a shout-out to those perfect puff pastry appetizers you worked on ALL. DAY. LONG.

When your boss surprises you with an unexpected bonus.
When the Lyft you ordered turns out to be a Back to the Future-themed DeLorean.

When you meet your department’s new hire.
When you meet that cutie standing at the bar.

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