Married At First Sight season two twist

As casting for season 2 of everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure, Married At First Sight, kicks off, applicants have discovered an interesting new ‘option’ on their applications.

All those complaining that Channel Nine’s Married at First Sight’s 30 day marriage ‘just-for-fun’ competition is an affront to gay couples, who are still unable to marry in Australia, can rest easy.

Casting has already begun for season two of the controversial reality show and those eager few getting ready to apply for their shot at love have discovered that the application form now has a new development on last year’s: you can pick your preferred partner’s gender.

In a “discreet” tab in the partner section, the application asks you to select the preferred gender of your partner.

“They have a discreet question under the partner section that asks the gender of their preferred partner, male or female,” A casting agent said, “That gives them the option at least, to determine if they’ll make that statement in the show.”

The participants, however, do not enter into a legally binding marriage contract, just a pretend one. So don’t worry: the show isn’t breaking any (non-existent) gay marriage laws.

Despite the strangeness of the premise, Married At First Sight turned out to be a hit for Channel Nine, with more than 1.1 million viewers tuning in to follow, Alex and Zoe, Lachlan and Clare, Roni and Michael and James and Michelle.

These couples are matched by “experts” based on personality, likes, dislikes and history, after which they meet on their wedding day, and have to live together for a month afterwards.

Surprisingly, one couple did actually make it out alive.

Melbourne couple Alex and Zoe were the only couple who stayed ‘married’ after the finale of the show, and have recently spoken out about their miscarriage.

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