Galaxy S6 Edge review: the high-end Samsung revolution

Samsung promised us that its next Galaxy device would be something pretty special. The Korean tech-giant has been suffering from a sales slump following the poor reception of its Galaxy S5 which, despite solid specs, failed to capture the hearts of the masses. Samsung has now brought two Galaxy S series flagships to the table, the Galaxy S6 – a new but familiar approach to the Galaxy series, and the Galaxy S6 Edge – with an all-new curved display.

In the short time I have been using the Galaxy S6 Edge, I have been in awe. Its design is far more convincing than anything Samsung has done on Android to date. The company has gone from plastic, to glass and metal. A flat screen, to a curved screen. And believe me when I say – it’s all good. Here is our Galaxy S6 Edge review.

android samsung galaxy s6 edge test review image 01
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