Flying Bats!

Add flying bats to your wall for a really spooky Halloween look. You just have to cut bats in all different sizes out of black cardstock and then just add them to the wall with tape. You can use these inside or out so if you have a party, you can have bats flying from room to room or decorate your porch and the exterior of your home. These are really easy to make and look great no matter how many you create.

It’s very easy to do:

1.Use black cardstock or construction paper. I found this packet of all-black cardstock (50 sheets).

2.Print the bat image and cut it out. If your printer is out of ink, like mine is, simply hold a piece of paper up to your computer screen and softly trace it. I made two sizes and decided I like the smaller bat better. I got 3 small bats per sheet and 2 of the larger bats (and I cut out about 100 bats total)

3.Fold the paper in half and lay the bats on top, lined-up with the fold

4.Cut out your bats! Don’t bother with tracing. That takes way too long. Just hold the pattern on there as you cut. Doesn’t need to be exact.

5.When you’re done you have these cool little guys!

And if you spend a couple hours at the park cutting while the kids play, then you have more to hang on the outside of your house.

Now if I had a really cool outdoor exterior like some of those homes on Country Living, the bats would be superstars. But they’re still pretty fun, leading up to the door. Maybe another hour at the park to cut out more, they fly all the way up to the door.

When you’re done cutting, hang them up by applying a small piece of scotch tape or double-stick tape on the back. If you’re hanging them outside, use duct tape.

NOTE: our outdoor bats are starting to sag a bit today (I put them up last night) and I’m not sure if it’s the Texas humidity or they just don’t last long in general (outside). Laminated paper would be perfect but sheesh. Who wants to do that much work?

The inside bats, however, are still going strong and look great.

Arrange them in any fashion you like. Bats usually fly in a stream, following each other.



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