Father and Son


When I started reading “Father and Son” I wasn’t too used to the pace of the novel and was dying for things to pick up and progress. But i guess crucial to Brown’s writing is the reconstruction of the surroundings and environment of his characters. Setting plays a big role in this novel and you get an idea of a small town where nothing is really happening except crimes being committed and laws being broken. There is a deep sense of time just passing meaninglessly amid frustration, anger, impatience, and a general sense of boredom and dread. Set against this drab background, however, the characters Brown has created are powerful and moving. We see not just one layer of their characters, but the many other layers and complications beneath the surface, and how alot of their lives have been shaped by events beyond their control, of flukes which seem to have arisen due to rotten luck. Some of their trials mirror our own. From Virgil, we learn that love for a family member never dies no matter what happens. From Jewel, we learn the importance of recognising when it is time to let go and move on, and to have the strength to see it through. From Mary, we learn that sacrifices form part and parcel of true love. From Bobby, we learn decency and understanding. And from Glen, fascinating and unforgettable character that he is, we learn the angst of love turned to hate, the destructive capacity of mankind, and the senselessness of criminal behaviour. The novel highlights the depths humankind can sink to, in the murders committed by Glen and others, but it also uplifts us with a sense of hope when we see the role David is able to play as a link to the disparate members of 3 families. Honest, sincere and moving, I shall look forward to Brown’s other works.

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