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Emotional abuse is as harmful as physical abuse, says new study

“These consequences are wide-ranging and include everything from anxiety and depression to rule-breaking and aggression.”

If you suffered through a childhood marked by adults who yelled at you, humiliated you, deliberately excluded you, intimidated or rejected you, you are likely to have suffered long terms effects as psychologically damaging as if they had actually beaten you, says a new study.

In the long run, says scientists at Canada’s distinguished McGill University, emotional abuse might hurt a child as much as violence or neglect.

Emotional abuse – which includes behaviours such as ridicule, intimidation, rejection, and humiliation – is much more common than physical abuse and neglect.

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Turkey Cone Craft for Kids to Make (Party Hat Idea)

I love party hats and thought why not make a turkey cone hat?! You could always just make the cones to play with as well. It’s a great activity for the kids to do on Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble!


Materials Needed:


Start by drawing a half circle on a piece of brown paper with a compass or a piece of string. I used the tutorial here :)


Roll up the pieces into cones and tape or glue them together. Try to make the tip as pointy as possible.


Glue on some tall colorful feathers in the back and add a face! I love making big goofy eyes by just cutting out white circles and using a black sharpie to color the pupils in. If you want to make a hat out of these, punch the sides with a hole and put an elastic string through!

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Thanksgiving Songs for Children – A Turkey Dance

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This Tiny Lion Can’t Roar Yet But That’s Fine Because He’s Adorable



Don’t worry, tiny buddy!

This Tiny Lion Can't Roar Yet But That's Fine Because He's Adorable
Disney /

You’ll get there one day!

This Tiny Lion Can't Roar Yet But That's Fine Because He's Adorable
Disney /
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This Genius Baby Uses Pillows For A Master Class In Creative Problem Solving

When this adorable little smarty wanted to get down off the bed, he realized it was a little too far down to safely land. Watch as he figures out the perfect solution for a soft landing.


Baby senses danger below!

Baby senses danger below!

Francisco Aguilar / Via

Good thing there are three pillows on the bed! Perfect for stacking.

Francisco Aguilar / Via


Francisco Aguilar / Via

Watch out for this one, Mom and Dad!

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The most luxurious design for children’s room

The magic kingdom: This room was created for a little girl who was fascinated with fairies and wanted a room to be designed based on her love for them. An enchanting room was created with a custom-made castle bed with hidden storage for her dolls. She was two at the time.


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How To Help Your Kids Avoid Sports Injuries

With the summer months in full swing, kids are outside playing in organized and unorganized sports. Playing any kind of sport is good for children as it gets them outside and moving, but it also teaches them how to work as a team and can boost their self-esteem. But each of these comes with the some risk of injury. Here are some great ways to help your kids stay safe while playing.

Start With Proper Safety Equipment

The first step towards keeping your kids safe is to make sure they have the proper safety equipment for the sport that they are playing. Depending what sport your child is playing, the combination of equipment will vary. Before buying any gear, ask your child’s coach about what is required to play that specific sport.

Always Try On Safety Gear Before Buying

When buying any helmets or pads, bring your child with you, so they can try on any of the gear. This way, the pads will fit comfortably, while still giving them the range of motion they will need to play the game. And if the equipment is worn properly, it reduces the possibility of injury. Also, if the gear is comfortable to wear, your child will be more willing to wear and keep their protection on during every game and practice.

Remember That Helmets Are Critical

Helmets are the most common of safety equipment, as they can be used from anything from riding bicycles to playing football to playing baseball. Helmets are vitally important in many sports for protecting the head and even the neck. And when worn properly, they can prevent head and brain damage. For many types of helmets, there are U.S. government safety standards that can help you ensure you’re getting a helmet that will sufficiently protect your child. Continue reading

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Tony’s Kids Christmas in July to Bring Toys to Children


KANAWHA COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) — Underprivileged kids living in Kanawha County will unwrap some new toys in the coming weeks to help them enjoy the rest of the summer.

Sunday was the final day for donations for ‘Tony’s Kids Christmas in July.’ The charity event aims to give underprivileged kids the toys they need to get out and play in the summer months. Continue reading

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Why Parents Shouldn’t Ignore Their Kids’ Behavioral Issues

Two children scream at each other.

Parents who are concerned about their kids’ behavioral problems may not bring them up with their child’s doctor, but they should consider doing so, researchers say. Continue reading

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Toys & Their Effects on Infant Brain Development 

Toys are not only good for entertaining an infant; they also play an important role in the development of her growing brain. From birth, babies should be provided with interesting, age-appropriate toys in a range of colors, shapes and textures. Parents should observe what types of toy their infant is most interested in, but remember that an infant may be just as captivated by a set of brightly colored plastic cups as the latest expensive “must have” baby trinket.

Wiring the Brain

  • Stimulating toys are best for an infant’s brain development.

    A study from California’s Stanford University found that skills learned in the very early stages of life could result in permanent changes in the brain’s structure. Neurobiology expert Professor Eric Knudsen, who led the research, said that learning new skills very early in life triggers connections between neurons in the brain that last into adulthood. According to the study, stimulating infant toys, such as those that make noises when touched, will help the brain shape itself for the future.


  • A mobile is a feature in most nurseries.

    Interesting toys can help the vision area of an infant’s brain develop, says Zero to Three, a national nonprofit dedicated to improved newborn care. Colorful mobiles and other moving toys are perfect for babies, as they become more adept at scanning a room, focusing on objects and following objects with their eyes. BabyCentre recommends black, white and red toys to stimulate visual development and help baby distinguish between different patterns and shapes.


  • Cognitive and Language Skills

    • The right infant toys can develop cognitive skills.

      Infants develop cognitive and language skills during play, including creative thought, reasoning, problem solving, listening and communicating. Soft toys give an infant the opportunity to practice his grasp reflex. Building blocks and other stackable toys teach him cause and effect. Fabric books attached to the bars of his cot or his stroller help with listening and communicating.

    Motor Skills

    • A baby gym is great for motor skills.

      An infant’s motor skills are developed during play. A baby gym or activity arch with toys hanging over the infant helps to develop gross motor skills as she makes large movements with her arms and legs to reach and kick. A baby mat with lots of different textures, colors and attachments will hone fine motor skills as she makes smaller movements with her hands, fingers, mouth and tongue.


Source: Toys & Their Effects on Infant Brain Development | eHow

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