Can you guess how old this woman is?

“I’m not against anybody having botox… that’s their choice, just like it’s my choice not to.”

One sassy grandmother turned vlogger is dishing out some Southern belle style beauty advice on her Youtube account and people are listening because she doesn’t look anything near her supposed age.

According to her profile ‘Melissa55’ informs her more than 10,000 strong Youtube fans she is a 60 -year-old wife and mother living in a small town in Tennessee. And while her family is everything to her – she enjoys fixing a big dinner for her kin each Sunday – Melissa knows a thing or two about looking fine.

Melissa’s amateur videos are garnering thousands of views thanks to her folksy beauty advice, delivered with some adorable southern charm.

Some of Melissa’s Youtube instalments include “Get a Hair Bump Overnight”, her tips on a smoky eye palette, “Chit Chat” – where she has a chinwag with her hubby Doug, and a video all about botox and fillers – none of which she uses to maintain her youthful looks.

But the youthful granny doesn’t mind anyone else having a little cosmetic help to fight crow’s feet.

“I’m not against anybody having botox, I’m not against anybody having any fillers or any work done at all, that’s their choice, just like it’s my choice not to,” Melissa says in her videos.

So what’s Melissa’s biggest beauty secret? Apparently she forgoes all rational beauty advice and doesn’t moisturise. Instead she swears by Retin-A and Retinol.

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