Architect designs an urban tree house that can clean polluted air

Architect, Luciano Pia, recently proved eco living is completely possible in an urban setting by designing a 5-story apartment complex in Turin, Italy, that lets tenants reconnect with their childhood dreams— letting them feel like they are living in an enormous tree house.

The building has 63 flats, all of which equally benefit from the terraces and mix of lush trees that grow from the walls. Each tree was placed purposefully to create soundproofing that can absorb the noise of the bustling streets below.

Though the plants provide stunning aesthetic function, the genuine accomplishment is that in total the trees are capable of absorbing 200,000 litres of carbon dioxide an hour, benefitting the entire community.

The design utilizes geothermal energy for heating and cooling; the 150 trees planted on the property actually create a “microclimate” that equalizes the temperature fluctuations from winter to summer. What’s more is the apartment complex is totally self sustainable as it uses rainwater and recycled water to hydrate the gardens.

Finally, an architect has created a multi-story natural alternative that offers an escape from the stress-inducing bustle of an urban sprawl.

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