10 merits of cucumber water

What is the ultimate thirst quencher? Do you strive for drinks that are healthy and hydrating? Do you find yourself in search of something that tastes as great as it makes you feel? Summer is approaching and the need for hydration goes up as the heat skyrockets. There is an answer: start drinking cucumber water!

1. Fresh Cucumbers Equals Fresh Breath

Excess heat in the stomach is said to be a major cause of bad breath. Eating cucumbers and staying hydrated help tone down excess stomach heat. There is also a link to cucumbers slices killing off bacteria that lives on the roof of your mouth.

2. Cucumber Water Aids In Maintaining Healthy Weight

Low calorie and high fiber foods are a great way to curb your hunger and maintain healthy weight. One cup of cucumbers contains less than 20 calories, making cucumbers one of the lowest calorie snacks there are.

3. Extra Vitamins and Minerals

For such a simple vegetable, cucumbers have a surprising amount of nutritional benefit. One cucumber contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B-6, and Vitamin C, as well as Magnesium and Calcium. Put that in your glass and drink it!

4. It Helps to Hydrate Your Body

What’s the most important thing to keep in mind when you’re outside during the summer months? Hydration, of course! Drinking copious amounts of water to combat the summer heat is an excellent start. Now try adding cucumbers to the mix. Not only does it aid in hydration, but cucumber water is also so refreshing you’ll never want to spend a hot summer day without it again.

5. Cucumber Water Supports Heart Health

It’s an unfortunate truth that heart related illnesses are the number one killer in America. A produce rich diet is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Adding the additional health benefits of cucumbers and other fruit into your water supports heart health. Furthermore, cucumbers are potassium rich.

6. Antioxidant/Detoxing Properties

Similar to other super foods, cucumbers contain the well known antioxidants Vitamin C and beta carotene. This drink has a detoxing effect and will naturally flush your body of toxins.

7. Cucumber Water Can Protect Your Brain

Cucumbers naturally contain the anti-inflammatory flavonol called fisetin. Over time this will protect your brain’s cells and functions.

8. Organic Cucumbers Can Reduce Your Rick of Cancer

GMO cucumbers were listed as the twelfth most contaminated food by pesticides. Organic is worth it, especially when it comes to cucumbers, and especially when the price difference is only a matter of cents.

9. Consuming Cucumber Water Is Good For Your Skin

Silica is in cucumbers. This helps prevent acne and other skin conditions. Consuming cucumbers helps your complexion just as much as a cliched “cucumber over the eyes face mask”.

10. Drinking Cucumber Water is a Gateway to Other Healthy Behavior

Let’s face it, when you develop healthy habits you are more likely to segue that healthiness to other avenues of life. Do you enjoy cucumber water and its health benefits? Why not try juicing different fresh fruit and vegetables as well? Especially if you fancy the juicing lifestyle. Try experimenting with consuming more super foods. Since I started drinking cucumber water, I’ve found myself munching on Hemp Hearts, upping my leafy green intake, and making the switch from sugary drinks to healthier options. Healthy mindsets make for healthy diets.

Simple Cucumber Water Recipe

Only a few ingredients are needed to make your very own pitcher of cucumber water. You’ll need the following ingredients:

– Filtered Water

– 2 Cucumbers with about half of the skin peeled off

– Ice

– Thinly sliced lemon (optional)

– Mint (optional)

Make sure to cut your cucumber slices consistently. Add them before the ice. By doing this, you’ll keep the cucumbers submerged in the water from the weight of the ice. Let the cucumber water chill for at least two hours in your refrigerator. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy your refreshing drink!

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