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This Is What The Perfect Day Of Eating For Brain Health Looks Like

We don’t like to play favorites. But as far as organs go, the brain is number one in our book. We’ve pored over ways to enhance its power: simple trucks; workout plans; top foods you definitely shouldn’t eat for its health. So it was only a matter of time before we came up with a daily brain-boosting meal plan.

Behold: A science-backed menu to clear away your brain fog and get your noodle working at full capacity.


Eat: Steel-cut oats with blueberries, strawberries, and a dash of cinnamon. Cup of coffee.
The whole-grain foundation of this morning meal is based on the MIND diet, shown to reduce Alzheimer’s risk by up to 53%.

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9 Benefits of Honey Water You Never Knew

Maybe you only know the benefits of a warm glass of water in the morning or maybe you have only heard about how honey is great for your skin, but have you heard what wonders combining warm water and honey can do for you overall? Read on and let me tell you the wonders of honey and warm water. I promise you, this is no old wives’ tale.

1. Watch Your Weight Melt Away

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10 Easy & Effortless Health Tips for Lazy People

Lean towards laziness? Try these 10 easy and effortless health tips:

1. Use commercial breaks to your advantage

woman doing sit ups at home

Alternate between push-ups, sit ups, and squats during commercial breaks. Or stick with one exercise, but aim to get in more reps as the number of commercial breaks increase.

2. Catch up on shows only while on the treadmill, climbing on the elliptical, or cycling on a gym bike

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5 Ways To Make Your Haircut Last Longer

With all the other things crowding our to-do lists, time for a haircut is not high on our list of priorities. So when we make time for one, we want it to look good and last. To save valuable time and money, we asked top stylists what to ask for when you want a cut to last—and how to make sure it still looks good weeks later.

1. Style for your budget and hair type.
A good cut—ideally—maintains it’s shape longer and grows out into another great style. Your stylist should use the right cutting technique for your hair type, says Vanessa Alcala, stylist at the Marie Robinson salon. Her recommendations: Blunt cuts with minimal layering keep their shape longer for those with fine hair, while those with medium-textured hair can generally pull off most haircuts. Those with thicker hair need their hair “texturized” (cut into layers that remove weight) so it grows out without looking too bulky. Just keep in mind: The shorter the hair, the more you’ll have to trim it. “Shorter blunt styles like a bob, bangs or a pixie require trims every 6 to 8 weeks, where longer, layered cuts can go as long as 12 weeks between trims,” says stylist Tanya Pacht for Oribe Hair Care.

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Brave little boy saves his aunt from drowning

“When 90 percent of the activities your kid takes part in involve water, they really need to be able to recognize a problem and know how to deal with it.”

A brave little boy has been praised the world over for saving the life of his aunt.

Mason Farr, 7, was visiting a local amusement park with his mum, Karen and aunt, Jenny, when they decided to take a turn on a water slide attraction.

After going down the slide, Mason immediately knew that something was wrong.

Aunt Jenny had come out of the tunnel without her tube and floating face down, so Mason leapt into action.

Using the knowledge he learnt in swimming lessons, Mason knew that his aunt was unable to breath.

The brave 7-year-old then flipped his aunt and held her head above the water until someone was able to help him get her out of the pool.

Aunt Jenny was then transferred to a local hospital, where they were able to treat her injuries.

“His instincts kicked in and he used what he learned from taking swim lessons,” his mum told

“When 90 percent of the activities your kid takes part in involve water, they really need to be able to recognize a problem and know how to deal with it,” she explained. Mason had begun his swimming lessons at just 6 months.

To show their appreciation for Mason’s heroic work, his local fire department made him Fire Chief for the day, where he was able to ride firetrucks, speak to firefighters and was given the grand tour of the department.

“We’re really proud of him. He’s been so humble throughout this whole process, but what he did was really life-changing,” said his proud mum.

Well done, Mason!

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Nice 3D paintings

Instagram is full of creative, inspiring accounts that challenge our notions of art, photography, and different mediums. But every once in a while, an account pops up that completely makes us jump out of our seats — like Luca Luce’s 3D illusions page.

Luce, an Italian makeup artist, creates these jaw-dropping and sometimes terrifying 3D paintings directly on his hand. Many are cute and include our favorite characters from Disney movies, while others make us wonder if they’re paintings or real life. Get ready to gasp a little after seeing them and maybe even attempt something


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The benefits of lemon water

As an avid drinker (of water!), it was refreshing to learn a new spin on an old favorite. When I started having a glass of lemon water every morning, it was after learning only two of the benefits of lemon water.

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