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You can’t miss these cartoons


Big names easily drag audiences into theaters, and though hit 3-D fantasy epic “Monster Hunt” features an ensemble cast, computer animated baby Wuba has turned out to be the film’s biggest attraction.

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Shocked Animals


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Jeb Bush to Lester Holt: Donald Trump’s Surge in the Polls Is a ‘Phenomenon’

Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush called Donald Trump’s candidacy a “phenomenon,” and said his outspoken rival has “appealed to people’s anger” as he has skyrocketed to the top of the polls.

“I was surprised that Donald Trump has surged. I think he’s captured the deep frustration that people feel,” Bush told NBC News’ Lester Holt in an exclusive interview on Friday.

Trump — who kicked off his campaign with controversial comments accusing Mexico of sending its rapists and murderers to the U.S. — has a large lead over the GOP presidential field, a Quinnipiac poll released Thursday showed.

“I get the lack of rule of law, the sanctuary cities, the open borders,” the former Florida governor said. “He’s, in a very graphic way, appealed to people’s anger about those things. And I think it’s important to be respectful of that. Make the case that we can fix these things. And over time, the Trump phenomenon will either succeed or fail based on his proposals.”

The Quinnipiac poll put Trump in the lead with 20 percent of Republican voters nationally supporting him, followed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker at 13 percent and Bush at 10 percent.

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“You’re not asking about Scott Walker or other real well-qualified candidates,” Bush told Holt. “It’s definitely a phenomenon.”

Bush added that he had no qualms about going head-to-head with Trump or any other Republican candidates — including his protege, Marco Rubio — in presidential debates.

“I’m a big boy,” he said. “I’ll be showing up with my big boy pants on.” Continue reading

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Best places to retire abroad

1.  Algarve, Portugal
  • Your monthly budget: $1,410

Retiring to an exotic place isn’t a fantasy if you choose the right location. You can have an oceanfront view and the comforts of home all while spending less money than you would in the States.

A couple can live on less than $2,000 a month in the top seven places ranked by Live and Invest Overseas. The study considered the cost of living and real estate, entertainment options, the strength of local expat communities, healthcare and the logistics of relocating.

The Algarve region of Portugal tops the list for the second year in a row. It’s great for beach bums and golfers, with 35 different courses in the area. You can easily get by speaking English. Plus, there’s more than 100,000 expats in the area who have fostered a well-stocked book exchange, as well as active tennis and volunteer groups.

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Facebook is now the world’s most-used tech product



At the end of June, nearly 1.5 billion people used Facebook (FB, Tech30) at least once a month, the company reported on Wednesday. That’s more than any other technology product in the world, including Microsoft’s (MSFT, Tech30) ubiquitous Windows operating system.

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MH370 Probe: Man Describes Finding Piece That Could Unravel Missing Jet Mystery

Johnny Begue and his friend were out looking for stones earlier this week on Reunion Island when he stumbled upon a piece of an airplane wing washed up on the sand.

“I asked my friend to come help pick it up. First we thought that we’d use it as a piece of decoration and then we thought because it’s a piece of plane, we should probably call thepolice,” Begue, 46, told ABC News today.

The piece was discovered on Wednesday by Begue and may be the first item anyone has seen of the doomed Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared in March 2014 with 293 people on board. Investigators are treating the airplane part, believed to be a “flaperon,” as a major lead into the disappearance of the plane.

PHOTO: French gendarmes and police carry a large piece of plane debris which was found on the beach in Saint-Andre, on the French Indian Ocean island of La Reunion, July 29, 2015.

Based on a part number that was visible in pictures, Boeing workers believe it came from a 777, the same type of plane as MH370, according to a U.S. official. MH370 is the only missing 777 jet in the world. Continue reading

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7 Largest Living Sea Creatures

The ocean contains some of the largest creatures on Earth. Here you can meet some of the largest living sea creatures. Some have fierce reputations while others are enormous, gentle giants.

Each marine phylum has its own largest creatures, but this slide show contains some of the largest creatures overall, based on maximum recorded measurements of each species.

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Problems in Decision-Making

Each and every day we are faced with a multitude of decisions. Some of these are relatively small, such as deciding what to wear or what to have for breakfast. Others are big and can have a major influence on the course of our life, such as deciding where to go to school or whether to have children. Some decisions take time, while others must be made in a split-second. While we employ a number of different decision-making strategies. we also often fall prey to a number of common fallacies, biases, and other decision-making errors.

Discover which decision-making mistakes and obstacles might be influencing the choices you make each and every day.

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Tame Your Wiry Brows In 5 Easy Steps

When age turns your formerly smooth, well-behaved brows into wayward, wiry rebels, you’re going to need some extra help. Sabah Feroz, resident brow expert at Blink Brow Bar in Saks Fifth Avenue, New York, shares her expert advice on how to tame those furry dragons in 5 easy steps:

1. Trim too-long hairs.

eyebrow trimming scissors

Using a spooled brush that resembles a mascara wand, such as Laura Mercier’s Brow Grooming Brush, comb hair straight up toward your hairline. Then, grab a small pair of scissors like Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors to trim any hairs that extend above your natural brow’s border.

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The Best And Worst Exercises For Bad Knees

Exercise may be the best medicine for chronic achy knees. “Strengthening the muscles around the joint protects you from injury by decreasing stress on the knee,” says Willibald Nagler, MD, chairman of rehabilitation medicine at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Cornell Campus in New York City. But you must use good form and technique when doing exercises for knee pain.

Be sure to never bend your legs to a point where your knees stick out past your toes. That puts a lot of pressure under the kneecap. This not only applies to the following exercises for knee pain but also when you’re stretching or doing aerobic activities such as step aerobics.

Best Exercises For Knee Pain
Except where stated, do 10 to 12 repetitions of each of the following, 2 or 3 times a week.

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