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Dog Behavioral Problems Slideshow: Barking, Chewing, Aggression, and More


Dogs like to dig, and you’ll need to train them to get them to stop. You need to catch your dog in the act to stop digging. Say “no” and distract him with a toy. Scolding him after he’s already dug a hole doesn’t work — this is all about being consistent when they’re digging, not afterward. Tip: Give him a sandbox where he can dig. Then bury some favorite toys and watch him have fun digging them out.


Dogs, especially puppies, explore the world with their mouth. They like to chew because it calms them. But it’s destructive and could lead to them eating things that they shouldn’t — like socks that could block their intestines. Break this habit right away. Give your dog chew toys, and give them to him when he chews things he shouldn’t.


You can prevent this by never giving your dog food from the table. If you don’t give him table scraps, he won’t learn to beg. You can take him out of the room while you eat or put him in his crate. Or teach him to go to a special spot while you eat.

Not Coming When Called

Always praise your dog when she comes to you, whether called or not. That way she learns that coming to you is good. If she doesn’t come, don’t chase her. Call her again while moving away. If she still doesn’t come, tell her to sit, and go get her. Running from her may make her come after you! Say “come” or “here.” She may not understand what you want if you just call her name.

Pulling on the Leash

Help your dog learn to walk calmly beside you. Never let him pull. Or else he’ll learn pulling sometimes pays off. Keep the leash short but loose. Stop whenever you feel it go tight. He’ll stop to see why you aren’t moving. When he comes back, reward him and keep walking. After a few days, your dog will learn that pulling gets him nowhere.

Separation Anxiety

If your dog gets upset when you leave, teach him that you’ll always come back. At first, leave him alone for just 5 or 10 minutes. Stay away a little longer each time. Give him a chew toy and leave on the radio or TV. Be calm when you go and return so he knows that being alone is OK. Crate-training your dog can prevent separation anxiety. However, it can be trickier to crate train an anxious older dog. Ask your vet for advice.

Whining for Attention

Does your dog whine?  If you pet her, look at her, or do anything except ignore her, you teach her that whining works. To stop it, turn your back when she whines, fold your arms and look away, or leave the room. Pet and play with her when she’s not whining.

Barking at the Door

To cut the barking, teach your dog a new habit. Pick a spot within sight of the door. Then teach him to lie down, and stay when you say, “Go to your spot.” That will help your dog stay calm and give him something to do while he waits to be greeted. Have a friend with a treat come to the door, but only open it when your dog’s quiet. Do this enough and he’ll learn to be quiet to get the treat.


It’s natural for a dog to greet people by jumping up. But that can scare away guests! Don’t give your dog attention unless he has his front paws on the ground. Then you can greet him and pet him. Or tell him to sit. Then wait until he does before petting him. It also helps to keep your greetings low key. That helps your dog learn to control his own excitement. Also, make sure you keep your dog from bothering or scaring people who aren’t used to him.


Any dog can bite if she feels threatened or nervous. But socializing a dog early teaches her to feel relaxed around people. Gradually expose her to different settings so she will feel safe. Spend lots of time with her so she learns to trust people. Always watch for signs that your dog is uncomfortable and then do what you can to make her feel better. Be especially careful around kids and food.


When dogs are aggressive, it’s usually because they’re afraid or nervous. If your dog is aggressive, work with a professional trainer or your vet to learn how to teach your dog to rely on you in a healthy way. Never leave an aggressive dog alone with children or unfamiliar adults, even if you think he’s not likely to hurt anyone. Muzzle him in public places, if necessary.

Barking All the Time

Some dogs bark at things most dogs ignore. Some bark when they’re frustrated. Don’t yell at your dog when she barks. That may make it worse. Obedience training can help fix frustration barking. If your dog learns to sit before doing something fun like going for a walk, she learns to control her impulses. If your dog is outside all day, changing that may help compulsive barking. But you may need to work with a vet or a trainer.

via Dog Behavioral Problems Slideshow: Barking, Chewing, Aggression, and More.


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The Big Bang Theory—-Sheldon Cooper

when I saw this ,I died laughing  at Sheldon because  that is exactly how I would react to this guy .

I believe many guys can sing this song now ,right ?

No one can occupy Sheldon’s seat because of it’s advantages.

Sheldon never  knows what is Romance, everything in his world  is Rational .

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10 Books About Men’s Style to Read Before You Die

Sure, the Internet is a great resource to find out about men’s style. Blogs and sites like us help you find out about the latest gear, dopest brands, and how to put it all together. But before the advent of technology, men’s style still existed. Not just in photo-heavy books like Take Ivy or cheeky guides like The Hipster Handbook either.

We took a look at some required reading that not only provides context to the current cycle of hype and menswear blogs, but also contain genuinely useful advice, or unique perspectives from designers. Better get a library card. Here are 10 Books About Men’s Style to Read Before You Die.

Icons Of Men’s Style


By: Josh Sims

The icons in this book aren’t men like Steve McQueen or Paul Newman, rather, they’re wardrobe staples like trenchcoats, penny loafers, and tweed jackets. Read up on the origins of deck shoes, penny loafers, M-65 jackets, and much, much more. Josh Sims is a deft writer, and his take on timeless menswear is a more interesting perusal than his other book, <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>Cult Streetwear</a>, which serves as simply a primer on brands like Neighborhood, X-Large, and Stussy, though there’s not much in here you can’t glean from a steady diet of forums and blog archives.

Streetwear: The Insider’s Guide


By: Steven Vogel

Published in 2007, this “insider’s guide” is essentially a collection of interviews with industry insiders during the formative years of the streetwear boom. Check out interviews with guys like jeffstaple and Hiroshi Fujiwara, and when compared with where their respective brands are today, you can really see how things have evolved over time.

Ralph Lauren


By: Ralph Lauren

Originally released as a huge 14-pound book, it’s since been republished in a much, much lighter version. This book provides a sweeping look at the long career of the quintessential American designer, and is simply beautiful to flip through. The first part is a candid look at Lauren’s life, while the second part has the designer cull from his own archives to give his own perspective on the pieces and collections that he would prefer define his legacy.

ABC of Men’s Fashion


By: Sir Hardy Amies

Originally published in 1964, this book is unique because it’s published like a dictionary, and serves as a glossary for obscure menswear terms like terylene, hopsack, and houndstooth. The late Hardy Amies was witty in his own right, and maintained an Esquire column while running his namesake fashion house. His most famous quote about menswear was: “A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.”

DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material)


By: Hardy Blechman

Hands-down the most complete resource on anything and everything camouflage. It was an essential resource in putting together our own guide to camo. Gleaning its name from the UK term for the pattern, it’s a true passion project, and you can tell by how comprehensive it is. FInd out everything from which countries used which types of camo to how many different interations of BAPE camo exist, and the artist behind them. This is a book that won’t stay on the coffee table for long.

The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie: The Science and Aesthetics of Tie Knots


Authors: Thomas Fink and Yong Mao

Sure, the four-in-hand might be good enough for you, but this book, written by honest-to-god Cambridge physicists, shows you all the different ways you can knot up. The authors went the extra mile to trace the origins of the necktie all the way back to the 17th century, and equate the books title from the fact that they sat down and came up with a formula postulating that every tie knot consists of 6 possible moves—some of which can be switched up. However, out of all 85 possible ways to tie the tie, SPOILER ALERT: they confess that only 13 don’t look totally ridiculous.

You Can Find Inspiration in Everything* (*and if you can’t, look again)


By: Sir Paul Smith

The English fashion designer provides unique insight on his career and the fashion industry, combined with great layouts, a look at past collections, and keen observations from Smith. A menswear icon whose career spans decades, he is known for his unique takes on menswear and has fans in fashion and hip-hop, like self-professed “longtime fan” Yasiin Bey. This book provides a look on how he’s managed to build his colorful, unique, and wildly successful empire, and the overall vision behind it. It’s a perfect example of how to maintain brand integrity while growing your business.

Handmade Shoes For Men


By: Laszlo Vass and Magda Molnar

Pretty much a Where’d You Get Those? for people who prefer shell cordovan uppers and leather soles over canvas and rubber, Handmade Shoes For Men is all about the craft of shoemaking and an emphasis on artisan footwear. Laszlo Vass, the man behind Budapest shoemaker Vass, knows all about what makes a good shoe, and this book delves into the history of proper footwear, with insightful essays on the craft.

The Official Preppy Handbook


By: Lisa Birnbach

Originally published in 1980, this is a primer on how to dress like classic preps like John F. Kennedy or Carlton Banks. Forget the recently-published sequel and go with the original. From boat shoes to khakis, this is the book that teaches how you to rock a navy blazer correctly. It also serves a great guide on the sorts of stuff you can get from shops like L.L. Bean, Brooks Brothers, and Lacoste.

Dressing The Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion


By: Alan Flusser

One of Flusser’s books on the basics of menswear, this serves as a fine primer for guys who can’t tell a four-in-hand from a Windsor knot, or a bengal stripe from a chalk stripe. It’s sort of like classical theory in music—you might not dig a lot of it at first, but you’ll learn to appreciate the modern stuff even more because you understand where it all came from. If you dig this, it’s also worth checking out his other book, Clothes and the Man: The Principles of Fine Men’s Dress.

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Warm Colors

One can classify colors according value, chroma as well as hue. Actually, chroma is used in case you want to measure degree of grayness or brilliance. Value is responsible for darkness as well as lightness of a certain pigment. But the most important for many of us to consider is hue, i.e. coolness as well as warmth of a particular color. As a matter of fact, orange is regarded as the warmest color while blue is considered to be the coolest color.

Using warm colors your room will be full of energy. In fact, such colors are used in order to emphasize a particular item. Actually, cool colors take a backseat while combining with warmer ones.
Warm Colors for Living Room
For living rooms it is better to choose yellow and orange colors, in fact, they are considered to be the best choices. With the help of autumn red, burnt orange, amber as well as honeydew, the living room will get a pleasing look. As for furniture, it can be availed in different colors varying from bright orange to dark brown. Wall art available with warm colors can be used as a focal point. Make sure that the used colors in the living room will not be boring and it won’t be a place that is full of various shades.
Warm Colors for Bedroom
It turned out that warm colors are usually used for bedroom as well as living rooms. Colors that are enabled with a receding effect are usually used for bedrooms. But still everything depends on likings as well as dislikings of a person. There are people who find themselves comfortable when using warm colors. But as for cool colors that are able to create negative atmosphere as well as dullness. For that reason it would be preferable to take advantage of warm colors.
Warm Colors for Kitchens
As it was mentioned before warm colors can add a lot of energy to the room. Moreover, they are able to bring a soothing effect, in case your kitchen will be enabled with French terra cotta tiles for the floor as well as maple cabinetry, As a result, the room will get a desired warm effect. Colors that you are going to use for the kitchen should reflect some sort of vibrancy. Such shades as olive green as well as ocher are best choices for the kitchen decorated in Italian style. To create Mediterranean look you can use such colors as red and orange.

When it comes to choosing warm colors for basements, you should take into consideration several aspects. As basement is considered to be the lowermost component of the house, it is darker than any other room of the house. For that reason you should brighten it. The best way out is to use yellow, but it should be light. In case you place sofas of dark colors, yellow will attract the attention. You can also think over red colors that come with a tinge of yellow. In fact, it will look great.

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Tucking Jeans Into Boots

No more fat ankles!! Most of my jeans are boot cut or straight leg (guess I’m just not a skinny jean kind of girl). This poses a problem when it comes to wearing boots — not only does it make it hard to zip them up, but I’m sometimes left with bunched up fabric that is uncomfortable and unflattering! If you have a similar problem, here is a nice little trick to tucking those non-skinny jeans into your boots.

No more fat looking ankles!! ~ 31 Clothing Tips Every Girl Should Know



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our pets

Try to contain your squeals of delight: There’s a pop-up micro pig cafe opening in London.

For one weekend in May, a venue in the city’s hispter-infested eastern burbs is offering hands-on hog time with pocket-sized porkers.

The ticket-only “Pignic” will allow guests to experience what it’s like to trough down with the animals.

And no, there won’t be bacon on the menu.








Do you love them? So cute they are.


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Home Decorating – A Way to Show Your Personality

Whether we do it intentionally or not, the choices that we agree upon when chasing for home decorating items and style will always have a word to say about our personality and style. You can probe this statement by simply looking around someone’s house when visiting this person and you will see various traits that are imprinted in the way they have chosen their home decorating style. The same happens to your home decorating style: it will show others characteristic of your own personality and style.

Whenever you reach the idea of having your home decorating style changed, you should consider what sort of image you would like to reflect. Take into account the things that you like and the one that dislike you and create a plan that must bring you pleasure upon completion. After all it is your living space and you would like to feel satisfied with what it contains for when you reach home to feel good and relaxed in your own space.

Once you have the defined plan of what is there to change you can proceed into creating your corner of paradise. The first thing to approach is the color of each room that will definitely have a great impact on your mood.

Consider this aspect in the first steps of your new look of the home decorating project. Think of the moments that you become annoyed simply because that color of the room is something you dislike. Just pick up the paint color that you enjoy and re-do the walls of the room and you will see that your mood will change.

The home decorating style is in fact an aspect that is displayed in front of anyone visiting the house. For instance, one who enjoys art will go for displaying many art objects making a clear point of what they like. Others who are fans for technologies and new stuff that comes with innovations of the moment will chose various gadgets that will decorate the space of the kitchens, and throughout various rooms around the house.

As to the space of the bathrooms, home decorating style can be seen even there as well projecting a light on the personality of the resident. Is there a plain curtain that you hang at the shower or a whimsical, colorful one? Is the bathroom a space that gathers many things living them randomly or neatly ordered on the shelves and cabinets?

Even the style of the rugs that are used inside the home decorating style has something to say about the personality of the owner. For instance the plain cream rug that lies on the floor won’t define a vibrant person who enjoys excitement in life, but rather someone who likes things to be carefully planned and kept in place. And the list can go on and on when it comes to defining someone’s personality by judging their own home decorating style.

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Images That Will Break Your Brain

I have to say these images really broaden my horizon .when I saw them first time ,I even couldn’t  believe my eyes.It’s  amazing ! How they achieve that ?Perhaps I am a fool and don’t know which technologies need to be  applied to create these images,I just want to share them with you .Maybe some of you guys can answer my question .

And here are  another two that  will confuse your eyes


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Taylor Swift Attended The IHeartRadio Music Awards In An LBD That Showed Off Her $40 Million Legs

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you can count on anyone to rock a mini dress, clearly, it’s Taylor Swift. Swift attended the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday night in a little (emphasis on little) black dress that was anything but basic.

The “Blank Space” singer, who is nominated and presenting at the 2015 awards show, walked the red carpet at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, and took another opportunity to remind us all why exactly her legs are worth $40 million. And even though an LBD might seem a bit boring for a music awards show, Swiftie’s KAUFMANFRANCO number certainly dispelled that notion. The black mini dress was sleeveless and full of sparkles, with some side cut outs for a bit of edge (and a bit more skin), and she paired it with strappy, black Tamara Mellon heels. Tay ditched the red lip and opted instead for a dark and smokey eye, and had her blonde bob styled in shaggy waves.

It’s not my favorite look I’ve ever seen her in, but it did the job and made her look like the glittering star that she is. And really, who’s looking at the dress when she’s got her legs on display, anyway?

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The Bow Tie Tying Instructions

The Bow Tie Tying Instructions

  • 1. Start with the bowtie lying face up. Adjust the bowtie so right side is shorter than the left. The end on the left will be referred to as A and the end on the right will be referred to as B.
  • 2. Move A to the right side, across B.
  • 3. Bring A under B and up through the neck loop.
  • 4. At the joint, fold B towards the right and then towards the left to create a the bow shape.
  • 5. Bring A stra­ight down over the middle of the bow shape that was made with B.
  • 6. Fold A back towards the chest and pinch the fold.
  • 7. Push the pinched end (A) through the loop behind B.
  • 8. Pull on the folded parts of the bow to tighten.
  • 9. Adjust until balanced on both sides.
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